Service Plus Plumbing3 Reasons to Choose Service Plus for Your Plumbing Repairs


Efficient Repairs

At Service Plus Plumbing, we offer professional plumbing services for customers located in Las Vegas. With trucks filled with equipment, tools and parts, commercial and residential customers can count on us to make plumbing repairs the same day. We offer emergency repairs round-the-clock any day of the week for situations such as overflowing toilets, broken water pipes or nonfunctional water heaters. Customers can also contact us for routine repairs or installation of plumbing fixtures such as faucets, sinks and bathtubs.

Screened Employees

Our employees are screened at the federal and state levels to avoid problems such as alcohol consumption or drug use while they are working. This means that customers feel safe permitting our Service Plus Plumbing technicians in their homes or businesses. In addition, our service vehicles are embellished with our company’s logo, and technicians wear identification to ensure the safety of customers.

Cleaning Drains

For customers in Las Vegas with slow running drains, Service Plus Plumbing offers a fast solution with modern computer equipment. After arriving at a building with a plugged or slow running drainage system, we insert cameras into the pipes to determine exactly where debris is located. Next, we are able to use an efficient hydro jetting process to blast away grease, tree roots and bathroom tissue to get a building’s interior or exterior drains operational.

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