Plumbing-SnakeWhy Calling a Plumber First For a Problem Toilet Can Save You Money

That good old toilet that has been so reliable for so long is now acting up. Most do not ever give it a second thought, but there is some interesting technology that your bathroom’s toilet has included in its construction. And, as we know concerning technology, it can break at any time. Though a toilet never accumulates mileage like the family car, it still has moving parts and moves thousands of gallons of liquid during its service life. Plenty of things can go wrong.

The toilet flapper valve held in place by gravity and water pressure on the valve seat at the bottom of the tank deteriorates over time. This can cause water to leak from the tank to the bowl, increasing your water bill dramatically. A deteriorating tank gasket can cause water to leak onto the floor. Flush handles become loose over time, and the chain connecting them to flappers valves break sooner or later. Typical problems occur at the ballcock assembly that controls the water inlet. Hard water can wreak havoc on all parts inside the tank and even clog the water outlets to the bowl.

Most toilets do not need to be replaced. The replacement of a toilet is usually done during remodeling or after physical damage such as a broken tank. The toilet is likely the number one plumbing appliance that most homeowners try to fix on their own, and it is likely to become the most annoying chronic plumbing problem in the house. Many homeowners make several trips to the home repair supply store purchasing item after item, attempting to fix a problem toilet before calling a plumber. If you would prefer to eliminate the wasted time and expense, call us at Service Plus Plumbing of Las Vegas to get your toilet fixed right the first time.

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