EPSON scanner imageAncient Romans Knew the Benefits of a Comfortable Bathroom

Ancient Roman baths were elaborate with fresh water plumbed in before any modern plumbing existed. Large bathing pools were heated by wood fires stoked below their floors long before hot water tanks were even invented. Though homes today have easy access to heated water, many have rudimentary bathrooms with shower heads and bathtubs that actually make bathing an uncomfortable rather than pleasurable experience. A bathroom makeover can change all of that.

The latest plumbing appliances include shower faucets with user presets. You set the temperature of the water exactly how you like it, then just press a button to get the same shower experience every day. Waterfall and rain style shower heads give a tropical island spa-like experience for every shower. Large garden tubs with water jets can whisk the troubles and even the aches and pains of the day away. Modern walk-in spa tubs make hygiene and relaxation enjoyable even to those who cannot use a regular bathtub.

Deep and wide sinks with high-rise faucets in the bathroom make shaving and other hygiene practices easier and more enjoyable to do. Chair-height toilets are often preferred replacements for other models that sit lower to the floor. Anti-scald shower and tub faucets help protect children and the infirm from hot water burns.

Sometimes just changing a couple of things in a bathroom rather than having a complete bathroom renovation can make a big difference. Switching from a standard low flow or uncomfortable high pressure flow shower head to a rain-style shower head changes the shower experience. A cramped shower space may benefit from a handheld wand. Whether you need plumbing renovations or repairs, we have the answer to all of your plumbing needs at Service Plus Plumbing of Las Vegas.

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